Why can i only listen to a 30 second clips of some songs but friends in the US can listen to the full track?

  • 9 April 2016
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I live in KSA and i have friends in USA who can listen to full length tracks while i can oly get 30 second previews of them. Some of them are even old songs that i have liked a while ago and that i've been lisenting to for ever a year. So what's new that made it that i can't listen to some songs 😕 ?

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3 replies

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Hi there Walid,

Thanks for reaching out. Could you send over the URL to an example track please? This way we can double check from our end.

here is one

while these tracks arent even avalilable

i don't know whats changed i used to listen to every song without problems.
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Hello there,

Some users offer their tracks to SoundCloud Go users exclusively. SoundCloud Go is currently only available in particular countries, however we're working to make it available in more countries asap.