Why is my listening history no longer appearing on the iPhone Mobile Application?

  • 10 January 2017
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Hi why is the listening history no longer appearing on the mobile app? It still appears on the desktop version, but now when I go to my profile on my app it is no longer there. Ive searched all of soundcloud and online to see if theres a solution to this issue but have not yet found anything. Quite frustrating because this is a great new feature and ive grown accustomed to it. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

1 reply

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Hi there Mat,

Looks like no one has gotten back to you on here. Not sure why this wasn't showing for you, but you will find your listening history on your profile from within the app. If this is not showing for you, try restarting the app, and your device. If this doesn't help, try deleting the app, restart the device again, then download again.

Hope this does the trick 🙂