Windows 10 support?

Just a kind reminder, that there's almost half a billion Windows 10 devices. Even if 1% of them use Soundcloud, that'd be 5 million people. This is not insignificant. But there seemingly being no Windows support yet, is rather saddening. Especially, considering the financial instability of Soundcloud, adopting more users and having a wider device base, is necessary.

So, what's the go with support for the UWP (Universal Windows Platform)? I've been using 3rd party applications; they work alright (sugarcoating by the way), but they don't support playback of Soundcloud Go songs, and the app's a pain. Plus, it's be great to have proper support, especially with Go. Even if you believe Windows Mobile is dead, a first party app on your laptop, desktop or tablet; even xBox or Hololens, would all be welcomed dearly.

I'm not saying support for Windows 10 would fix all your issues. But, it would make them less bitter. It'd provide much greater flexibility for users, and higher Soundcloud Go user retention.

So what are your thoughts about this? Sorry if it comes off a bit rant like, but I think it should be heard. Because, unless an executive reads this conversation with glee, nothing much will be done without it being heard from the people.

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We want windows phone app please 😢😢
We want windows phone app please 😢😢

They have a app for Windows 10 with is very weird is still not a UWP some support Windows Phone, Xbox One, Windows LOT etc Mixaed Reality etc etc.

We can allways hopes they add more devices support to a full UWP before its leave the beta.