Xbox One SoundCloud App volume option

  • 7 June 2017
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Currently I've discovered your app on Xbox. This is a long awaited feature & I continue to enjoy SoundCloud & it's services.
I do ask of you to please update the app & add volume control. It will give us the freedom to play games and music at the right audio levels.
Do keep up the good work & I am always a SoundCloud fan

Best answer by grrlscout420 7 June 2017, 22:30

Oops! Nevermind. I found the volume 🙂
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3 replies

Oops! Nevermind. I found the volume 🙂
I can’t seem to put the volume at the level I want to. Whether I put it on 0% or 10% or any of that sort it stays the same volume and I can’t change it 😞
You mind telling us where you found the volume control? You’re not the only one with the problem why bring it on a forum and not help other people