Why you should monetize with SoundCloud Premier

Why you should monetize with SoundCloud Premier

Why you should monetize with SoundCloud Premier

If you’re creating on SoundCloud, you know that you can upload a track and it’s readily available for your fans to stream. With SoundCloud Premier monetization, you can now get paid for those uploads, in a quick and seamless way.

When you monetize with SoundCloud Premier, we provide the following things:

  • Leading revenue share: SoundCloud meets or beats any other streaming service

  • Industry-leading artist payments: With fan-powered royalties, independent artists are paid more equitably. You get paid more when your dedicated fans stream more of your music

  • Faster payouts: You’ll have more cash in your pocket because we pay you directly each month

  • Comes with Pro: The program is accessible to all eligible Pro subscribers at no additional cost

  • Instant availability: Your uploaded tracks are available for immediate discovery and monetization

  • Direct access to your fans: Get real-time feedback from our massive global community

  • Direct support from your fans: With fan-powered royalties, your payments are sourced directly from the exact fans who are listening to your music the most

You retain all rights for the music you choose to monetize with SoundCloud Premier and are free to make that music available across other platforms. Note, you have the option to enable downloads for any of your tracks as long as you have the necessary rights to do so. However, SoundCloud doesn’t charge users for downloads and so isn’t responsible for the payment of royalties on downloads. If you choose to make one of your tracks available for download, you will be responsible for any publishing royalties that are due on those downloads.