Charts only being limited to Top 50 songs

  • 18 April 2019
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I think it would be easier to discover music that is blowing up if there was some form of Charts that had an endless scroll, similar to the Stream. I remember this was a feature at some point, and I do not know why they removed it.

I barely use the Top 50 Charts because it is only limited to 50 songs, most of which are hip-hop. If I decide I want to focus on a specific genre that isn't hip-hop, I'm presented songs that are 2 or 3 years old that are getting the most plays for some reason. The New and Hot section is pretty frustrating to use because it provides no information about the song apart from when the song was uploaded. In order to discover what genre the song is, how many plays it's getting, information that is easily accessible in the Stream, I have to manually click on each song's title.

I have nothing against hip-hop, but it's frustrating that it is difficult to see what other songs are getting a lot of plays right now that are below the top 50 songs on Soundcloud. The old 'Charts' was the really good because it allowed you to sift through music based on raw plays, not on whatever the people you are following reposted.

But do you think it would be a good feature if they implemented an endless scroll of Charts?

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