Discorank/Not able to be found in search results

  • 20 January 2020
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I am a paying user here in SoundCloud since 2014. I am with the problem that people are not able to find my SoundCloud page because it’s way to far down in the results, while there are profiles with nearly nothing and nearly no followers showing first. My weblink to my account is /djthomasm and my artist name is: Thomas M

Now I’ve already read all this things that it is about this discoranking system, but anyway… I want a solution for this because I don’t want to pay for my SoundCloud page which is important for my job, while people cannot find me (and book me!!!) This system is no option if people are searching correctly by a name.

I hope to hear about you SoundCloud a bit more than always the same answers, because I have to renovate my yearly subscription and I guess I won’t do anymore if this problem is not solved.

Kind regards,

Thomas M

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