Finding Deleted/Removed Tracks?

Why does Soundcloud not have an option for this and why can the personal search history not been done by date?
I have tried in vain to ID a song I got as a free download in 2015, problem is that is wasn't tagged so I have no way of finding out the artists and I have searched deep in the web and used every sound app.

Will there ever be a way to find it?

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if you can send me the track and i will see if i can find it as i am good at finding "unknown songs"
find me tea time (amacchi remix) 🙂
Stay high X Wild for the night - A$AP ROCKY & HIPPIE SABOTAGE & TOVE LO.....PLEASSSEEEEEE!!!
Can anyone please help me find Tamsin Drew's Theme from JamieRobertson? Thx~
Can anyone find me “lie to me” by Lauren Aquilina?
please help me get this song
I had the same issue. At least, 2 tracks that I liked the most have disappeared with no clue from my playlist. And my favourite one, a song that I don't remember even how I could find it, cause it was a track with no name, it's now imposible for me to find me. I've tried many things, even sing or play it on Sound Hound, trying to find it, but wasn't successful.
I'm Trying To Find A Track That I Did. It's Called She Wanted Me by Breezy D. Can you find it and upload it back please?
Hey guys, I'm trying to find "You know who you are (it ain't easy) by Ezra Burgundy Bronze" I believe it was taken down and the artist deleted his account. But if anyone downloaded it please send it to me, I really like that song. Thanks so much
i am trying to find this song:

someone have a link or have downloaded,if you did,call me on private
Can You Find This For Me So I Can Have It Back? If you do this for me, I will be happy
i Know this song by x was reason of “?” But this is a extended version that came out many months back when he never released it.