Follow for follow? Lets collaborate?

  • 13 January 2017
  • 4 replies

Hey guys whats going on im into hip hop and r&b is there any talented people out there that wants to collaborate or follow eachother?

4 replies

Sup man. Been a while since I recorded (some years) and I'm to get back into it. I don't have any music up here yet for you to screen and make sure I aint wack (guarantee you I'm not) but in the future we should collab. I checked out your album "The Grand entrance " and it's pretty dope. Holla at me in the future (or if you down now) when you wanna collab.

Follow me and I am following all of people who followed me for 100 percents..
I am new artist called Fish Oil, and I just started music production of electronic music recently
Its littt
im looking to collab with someone