Follow me and i will follow you back :D

  • 26 December 2017
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Just trying to gain some followers and help some people out at the same time i make music so i am also looking for people to collaborate with and possible producers or beat makers.

8 replies

I'm a amateur producer still starting out lol we should follow each other!
ok, I follow you, follow me!
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this doesn't really do anything for you or your music to have a follower who could care less whether you post a masterpiece or nails on a chalkboard. a follower who actually cares about your music is where it's at. harder to find, but worth the wait. just my 2¢
I'm already here. Now tell me what I do
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I'm already here. Now tell me what I do

for starters, edit your profile on this forum. look at my profile. it has info. look at all 3 of you. no info. if you truly want exposure to new fans, you wouldn't leave your soundcloud profile a complete mystery when you post here.
i got you
I followed you right now so follow me back plz!

And guys,I'm following everyone who followed me for 100 percents.:)
Its littty my due