Getting my Music noticed??

  • 12 November 2018
  • 6 replies

Just as basic as that. Where should I even start?

6 replies

You need a big wallet cuz free options is not working
Try level or landr
Then promote
Landr is not ideal at least from the side of mastering your tracks. But if you are new best where you can start is repostexange its SoundCloud streaming for all new people who is looking for audience. Also good place is artistunion you can stream your sc stuff on both of them but on artistunion you can get paid by donation
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Hey @Buddha Kid!

I'm afraid we can't provide assistance in promoting your sounds on SoundCloud, but we do believe strongly in building a strong community on the site, with deep connections to other users.

Additionally, here is a great guide for how to use SoundCloud to your advantage:

Detailed Profile pics, defined tags, repost services on Soundcloud, organic promotion services, promoting on social media, etc