Have been wondering what genres are my favorite music...

  • 5 July 2017
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I am a beginner when it comes to music. Genres are one of the most difficult thing for me - I know each is different but I never was able to place a name on each. So does all the songs I like; I know I like them, but I have no idea what are even their genres. I've never got the chance to ask about it, and have always discover new songs I like by accident...

Today I want some help on identifying their genres, so at least I can search for similar stuff later on. I might get some music vocabs wrong, forgive me for that. Also,most of the songs I like do have a Japanese origin/influence (as I am still interested in anime and all that stuff). But I am sure this kind of music exists everywhere, because it's not because it's Japanese that make me like it; I've heard some similar American songs and like them very much too. It's the pattern these songs have in common in the middle part of them (the chorus part right?)

I will list some examples of this type first:

Judge me all you want, but I can't help with what I like... As you can see, they're mostly songs you can hear from a hype action scene, or a climax in a video game. Most are also composed by Hiroyuki Sawano, someone who tends to make his songs in this pattern. What I like is usually the upbeat middle part. Usually when a song has a middle part like that, I just instantly like them.

There's also the other type of music Hiroyuki Sawano made that I also like:

This type of music is soothing and fits more in those end credit of a movie and such. I do not know exactly if there is a genre for this kind of stuff, but that pattern is the same in the middle part, except it's a different kind of mood than the previous type.

The last type is a bit of just happy, optimistic (not Hiroyuki's stuff this time):

From all the examples I listed, I would've guess my preference fall into somewhat of a rock/alternative rock genre? But then again, I'm clueless at genres, plus what I like isn't the song itself but usually the middle part's pattern in a song. I still cannot identify them, so I have to refer to them as "hype" music so far. If anyone know exactly what they are, please do let me know so I can learn more about my own taste.

Thank you~

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