How do you get plays from Algorithms?

  • 29 November 2017
  • 2 replies

I have uploaded a track and I am not seeing any plays from algorithms, I have tagged my track. Can anyone give me feedback on how to improve my song's visibility?

Link to my track:


2 replies

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Hi Harp,

Hmm - Your title and song description look good, so do your tags. Given this is currently your only public track, it might just take a while and some interaction from you on SoundCloud for others to pick up your track. I've noticed you've reposted a bunch of tracks by other artists - that is great! The more active you are (likes, comments on other users' tracks, etc.), the better the algorithm works and should start providing data (i.e. when users are playing your tracks as a related track, or via a station. :)

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