I have been on Pro for Years.. yet something is not clear

  • 19 April 2019
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So I get ads and info in all my social media to be pro.. but I have been for years. When I say, you know what? I will monetize, and click the links.. its all promotional material about WHY I should go pro.. but it is certainly LESS CLEAR on how to actually set up your pro account.. what the hell do I do now?


2 replies

Exactly the same situation for me, especially for monetization
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Hi there,

Hmm, maybe there's some confusion around a Pro / Pro Unlimited subscription vs. monetizing & distributing your content. A Pro / Pro Unlimited subscription is one of a few requirements to sign a contract to monetize and distribute.

All requirements are outlined on the Creator Guide, in the "Monetizing tracks" section. Once the requirements are met, you will get informed via email, and you can also check

What has me a bit confused is where exactly you're seeing the ads you're referring to. If you're still coming across them, can you take a screenshot and reply here maybe?