I love MojoHeadz Records =)

  • 22 April 2019
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Stop spamming Alex. You’re pretending you want to sign tracks that are by people who have only just started making music. Seriously, what is the point of releasing tracks that are so bad you have to make your own version of them? That isn’t what real labels do.


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Nice one Alex. You’ve asked to sign a spam advert for downloading a movie. Idiot.


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Another spamming fail. Asking to sign an advert for motorized blinds. You’re a moron, Alex.


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Alex. You’ve changed the freedomz URL to freedomreczone and you’ve changed the reeeworker URL to mojomusicz . What was the point of that? All your spam comments are still visible. SoundCloud can still track you by the original user numbers you were given when started those profiles.

More Mojoheadz spamming.


What a useless way to run a record label. Asking for tracks you haven’t heard of by artists with zero experience.


More Mojoheadz spam.


And here as well.


Do you even do anything to promote your releases. They aren’t ever in any DJ charts, only the ones you make yourself on Beatport.



Clubber Gude? What is a Gude? It isn’t an English word.

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I’ve just seen your fake Tiesto Beatport chart, Alex, where you spell his name with a zero.