I love MojoHeadz Records =)

  • 22 April 2019
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I love MojoHeadz Records, thanks for your support!

My first release on Mojoheadz Records and second/3th/4th on SPINNIN', 5th IHU (Armada Music)!



*"*Endego with 'Shuffle Dance'"
"This smasher is officially released today on all portals and it is already receiving a massive support from Martin Garrix, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, R3hab, Blasterjaxx, Swanky Tunes, Tom Swoon, Bassjackers, Firebeatz, Tommy Trash, Bingo Players and many more..."


33 replies

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I’ve just seen your fake Tiesto Beatport chart, Alex, where you spell his name with a zero.


More Mojoheadz spam.


And here as well.


Do you even do anything to promote your releases. They aren’t ever in any DJ charts, only the ones you make yourself on Beatport.



Clubber Gude? What is a Gude? It isn’t an English word.

More Mojoheadz spamming.


What a useless way to run a record label. Asking for tracks you haven’t heard of by artists with zero experience.


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Alex. You’ve changed the freedomz URL to freedomreczone and you’ve changed the reeeworker URL to mojomusicz . What was the point of that? All your spam comments are still visible. SoundCloud can still track you by the original user numbers you were given when started those profiles.

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Another spamming fail. Asking to sign an advert for motorized blinds. You’re a moron, Alex.


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Nice one Alex. You’ve asked to sign a spam advert for downloading a movie. Idiot.


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Stop spamming Alex. You’re pretending you want to sign tracks that are by people who have only just started making music. Seriously, what is the point of releasing tracks that are so bad you have to make your own version of them? That isn’t what real labels do.


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Alex. Why don’t you do what real labels do and actually listen to some music and then send the artist a message if you genuinely think the track has potential. Stop spamming every new track tagged trance or techno and making a fool of yourself when you ask to release tracks which are already released by real labels. Labels that don’t ask the artist for money and then mess around with their music and release their own version of it, because that’s what you do. Why do you think so many of the artists you release tracks by every week don’t do anything to promote their singles?


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And you’ve done it again Alex.


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Well done Alex. Another spamming fail. Asking to sign a 1998 Armada release. More evidence to don’t listen to the tracks you say you want.


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Look at this from PinoyChannelreplay.SU. Mojoheadz have an estimated annual revenue of 10 million dollars and they employ 1127 people. 

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Hey Alex, in case you don’t see it on the other places it is posted, thanks for making us laugh with your best spam fail yet …. asking someone doing a bible reading if you can sign it to your dance label:



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Alex, you’ve now got around 340 of these fake followers.

Instead of wasting your money on these why not try and behave like real labels do on SoundCloud and get a Pro account?

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Well done Alex. These new followers are even more obviously fake. Next time you spend your artist’s money on fake followers check that they come with photos.


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Hey Alex,

Why are you buying fake SoundCloud followers? These are the first followers that show up on your main profile. Is this the “promotion” that your artists are paying for?


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Nobody else likes Mojoheadz Records, especially all the artists you’ve ripped off.

Stop spamming on SoundCloud.

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Hey, Alex Endego AKA Alex Homutovski,

I've been looking at your Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/endego.dj/

Why do you have photos you've stolen from here:
https://buyledmask.com/products/light-up-led-halloween-mask ???

Have you even bought one of those masks?

The problem is I don't have to scroll very far down the page to find real pictures of you. The ones you used for some of the spambot accounts you set up.

That's you isn't it Alex. Where are the tattoos on your hands?

This is not you.

Why do you pretend it is? Would someone who looks like this really make pop EDM versions of Jingle Bells? https://soundcloud.com/endegoofficial/jingle-bells-remix
Hey Endego. Have you ever actually been to Los Angeles, or anywhere in the US?
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Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Look at this from Owler.com. Mojoheadz have an estimated annual revenue of 10 million dollars and they employ 1127 people.

Really Endego?

With over $10 million a year why don't you get people like Calvin Harris or Steve Aoki remixing your Russian EDM Christmas music?

With over $10 million dollars a year why are you asking artists to pay to get their tracks mastered?

And you employ 1127 people? You've only had just over 50 releases and you need 1127 people to run your label, which nobody had heard of until you started spamming on SoundCloud. Why would a digital record label even need that many people?
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ENDEGO owns and runs Mojoheadz Records. Of course he is going to say it is good.

"Twerk", "Double Tap", "Shuffle Dance" and "I See Stars" were all released on Spinnin' Talent Pool, not Mojoheadz. What is the point of trying to promote a label with tracks released on a different label?

Let's see some evidence of similar support for Westbaby or Phantom Electric Ghost.
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MojoHeadz records is the best place to start.
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And many many more...
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Beatport / TOP-100 Electro House