In search of DJ Chris Overton

  • 3 January 2019
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Hello! I'm in search of the DJ and Mixer Chris Overton. He doesn't seem to be 'anywhere.' No social media platforms available. I am interested in his remix "Fleetwood Mac's You Make Loving Fun Trail Mix" and offering him a paid gig. Can someone help me find him? Thank you.
My email is
Please help.

3 replies

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Chris Overton appears to have two SoundCloud accounts where he just reposts other people's records, including that Trailmix edit/rework. It was actually done by Alan Aronoff:
There is an email address for Synergize, the label that released the edit, here:
but the parent label of that, Tweekin', seems to have last had a release back in 2007 ... with another Trailmix EP. As it was a San Francisco-based label it is possible this is the same Alan Aronoff: in which case this is a more up-to-date account of the other half of the duo:

I'm sure Chris would love a gig but I can't see any evidence from these two accounts that's he's even a DJ.
Thank you, Todd, so much for this information. I've never had this much challenge trying to find someone. My object is to get Clearance from the Owner of this remix to use it in a short form experimental film. Is it even Copyrighted?? More research to do. Thank you and if you find out anymore, please forward it to me if you think about it.
-- Waide Riddle
Hi Todd! I've searched all the sites listed in your message. A lot of these have shut down because of how long ago this was done. I think I found Alan on FB. I've left messages with him and 3 other sources. I hope I am on the right track. Again, thank you for all this information. -- Waide Riddle