RATHER THAN BE TOLD WHAT TO DO... As is my experience with a lot of bands, then be thrown out or see one of the musicians explode when they feel they can't control someone...I am definitely not looking to waste my energy fighting anyons egotistical self dictating to me or anyone else what they want to do to me let alone with me within a group.

I am a professional mature vocalist (Don't let my age fool ya tho ) And have worked in the Entertaiment industry for many years, from Post production to singing both backing and lead.

Have promoted, marketed and advertised a few artist, but mainly prefer to work with those who didn't have a so called "Big name" or were already established.

I feel I am AGAIN ready to this time collaborate with a band of down to earth mellow serious musicians who are looking to appreciate working with a singer who does not beat about the bush and be just as dedicated, to working on creating a project / song or two with the intention of hopefully not just "MAKING IT A CASH MONEY TRACK " but rather giving birth to a piece of musical work that will also raise awareness and maybe some money along the way were we can use it to help those who need a little help along their personal struggling to help them along the way, whether it's to get out of poverty or assistance with mental or physical disability... Don't fret! I'll organise all that part out if you don't wanna deal with the practical side of that as I already run various projects to help various Grass Roots community projects in the UK and all over the world.

In short as mentioned above, if your a band of winners no matter if your part or full time but want to collaborate with a serious singer then please do get back.

ABSOLUTELY NO SCAMMERS, BULL SHITTERZ, MEGA EGOTISTICAL ASSWIPES, DICK'TATORS, OR DISRESPECTFUL CLOWNZ as I've seen and have had my fair share of sadly coming across many since being within an industry that although is meant to be fun & exciting it seems many times it to be filled with negative energy vampires with stank attitudes...

Hit me back and let's talk soon, who knows what may happen.

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