Looking for lyrics for my song!

  • 20 February 2017
  • 6 replies

this is something I came up with while i was playing guitar, I cant sing to save my life and I'm not very good at thinking of lyrics, i would love to make this a actual, song so if your interested in working on this song with me as a songwriter email me at merlijn.veenstra@outlook.com

6 replies

Try this --> http://www.songlyricsgenerator.com/step1.php
thanks man will try it for sure! 😃
Hey! I commented on your track and left some lyrics on there. The title can be "Save Me" and I left the pinpoints where you can start each lyric.

That's soooo awesome man I really appreciate it! 😉
No problem! Can't wait to hear the full thing once you make the rest.
Haha I'll make sure to put it on soundcloud for you! 😉