MORE FILTERS for the feed and search engine.

  • 22 March 2019
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Hi Soundcloud,

I dont know if this is in your plans but,
It would be so much easier to search for good music on your feed if it had search filters. Its so basic and it would totally be a game changer for music discovery.

Being able to sort the feed and search engine by:

-Most Reproduced track.
-Most reposted track.
-Most Liked track.

Also adding a ratio between likes and reposts would be very interesting.

Also be able to sort by date by

-All Time

Its so basic to have this sort of filters for more efficent music discovery, I dont understand the complexity of applying this sort of changes but it would be way different and easier to explore music!

I have an android so being able to do this on a mobile device would be great!
If you read this, tell me what you think.

Cheers and love to soundcloud and its community!

PS :Thanks for adding a search engine on the liked tracks list.

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