music genre and stylses

  • 29 October 2017
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Reinventing a style of music is ok, but is it not ok a music style using incorrectly!
Hi, I have a Problem.
If you will be using the music styles "konkrete Musik" or "musique concrète", you don´t can upload Pop/Rock-Songs! Also the Style "Electroacoustic music" is not Electro or Elctronica! When you use this Styles of Music you should read the Wikipedia-Definitions! This styles are historical musicaly Styles of the Music Evolution in the 20th Century.
When I seaching for Music Styles, I want find a correctly Result too!
What think you about my Remarks and What can you do for me and other users with the same Problem?
Best regards Daniel Grams from Dresden/Germany

1 reply

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