Music quality = potato

  • 18 August 2017
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Haven't used SoundCloud in probably 2 years.. Been heavily reliant on many other sources.. Anyways, my brother sent me a mix to listen to by an artist I have listened to for a while. But honestly, I can barely listen to 128kb MP3 without being offended.... So I'm like ok, I'll just use souncloud to "scout" music and then find the tracks higher res somewhere else... Unfortunately, a lot of stuff only exists here in a garbage format.. My ipod had higher quality tracks in 2004... So I look into a premium account thinking that I can get upgraded sound.. NOPE..

No wonder soundcloud is struggling... The "sauce" isn't edible....

Back to Tidal to listen to something that isn't scratchy and low quality.

Please fix soundcloud. There is literally no marketing you could do that would attract me until you fixed the most fundamental issue with your business for me as a listener.. I'm not alone or a freak occurrence.

1 reply

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Hi @Beats2Eat

You are absolutely right ! Music is a personnal experience and since there is so many configuration (earphone, intra, home studio) we need to be able to have access to quality audio at least 320kbit/s or FLAC (we can pay more) and also personnalise our experience with a decent equ at least 20 bands