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  • 13 August 2017
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Please read this even if you just delete it right away. I tried to think of some elaborate words to use for this message, but I decided to be blunt about it . I am not looking for a music contract
or royalties or accolades or recognition or anything of the sort, even though that was the case when I started down a music path. Things have changed for me and now I am looking for some help. Most people leave a legacy by having a family, or through philanthropy
or successful business. I have none of these. My music is all I have to leave behind to show I was even here and time is not a friend of mine. I am looking for a way to keep my music alive, to add it to the music collective. I am desperately searching for help in this. I am trying everything and everyone
I can think of to help me leave my music behind for people to listen to. I have lost so much as a result of this, but I had to do it. I had to try. I worked so hard for the what little I have written. And now I'm working so hard to keep what little I have composed
from fading away Again, I don't want any kind of compensation. I just desperately need to keep my music alive to speak for me when I'm gone. I hope you understand what I am trying to say. I hope you can help me accomplish this somehow. I hope you can help
me find a way to leave this part of me behind.I know you are busy and may not want to and/or be able to help. Though I am not expecting help in this (understandingly), here are links to the music. My music is all I have to give. Sincerely, Phoenix

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