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New artist i am like everybody else with true talent im just another voice that truly need to be heard this is my passion and i put my all into my music one of those ones who actually spits bars im not no nother mumble rapper what i feel is killing hip hop and what really separates the real rappers from those who are known as amateurs if any intentions to show all real music still exist i can go off any beat and anything true artist like follow subscribe or better yet just check me out on youtube new music video coming soon plus new music coming weekly i promise i want quit

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send me links to your stuff i'll be happy to check it out and listen to all your new released tracks when they come out, or you can message me them direct always happy to support whoever putting forward the real hip hop
I will do thanks and i truly appreciate your support its all for the love of music real music just tryna bring hip hop back to its roots i promise i want quit....
send the link to your stuff and i'll have a listen
Sorry it took me so long work to get back at work been keeping me busy you know how that goes but here you go new song will be posted tomorrow also.....
dope songs, are you rapping on these? who's doing the beats? - whats your email we'll link
Thank you man i give it my all always....Yes i am im on all of them me and my homeboi rap and write all our own music.... no producer at all no beat maker we really just pick beats of the youtube and just go in we recently just started recording in an actually studio about a month ago but the guy tried to get over on us well wasnt producing our music right bc he wants to push his homeboi shit but the guy sucks i just dont understand so now we tryna find somewhere else to record which aint hard but i want our music perfect you know my email is most definitely as i say lets get it its time to make magic happen
Also send me your email so i can email you my songs direct
Check me outtt
Your shit's fire. Keep spitting out good stuff and don't settle for nothing man!
Hit me up with new stuff as well!