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  • 2 December 2016
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I'am new to soundcloud and I enjoy the community and sharing music. I would like to get more exposure to my music so I can get feedback as to how to improve my music. I enjoy making and listening to music and I would like to make my music appeal to a broader range of listeners. I do this for fun and my enjoyment comes from the aesthetics of amateur composition and creation. Please take a minute to listen and I would appreciate any comments, criticism, suggestions and a moment of your time. Thank You for you consideration.

I am open to suggested music content that enriches this community.

3 replies

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brilliant - never had such a northern musical conversation.
Do you - or do you know people - who make fieldrecordings? Anyone going outside with a recorder and catching sounds from nature and the environment?
Some of mine (thunder, storms, sea from the Netherlands - can be heard, downloaded and re-used from :

greetings to Togiak.

Download all the free genres and it will give you thousands of professional loops to combine, compile and arrange in anyway that sounds good to you. The songs and sounds are limitless in length and complexity. The app really gives you the freedom to change, alter and control the sounds and music you create. Furthermore, you can add audio, instrumental and record anything you want.

Thank you for listening to my songs and I would like to here yours if they are available.

And Greeting to you from Togiak, Alaska. Togiak is a Yupik Eskimo Village located near the edge of the earth in Gods country!
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Badge +1 sounds cool. Can you explain a bit about it music-wise? - how did you produce this? Who is singing? What DAW do you use? Any specifics on synths used?

Good luck & greetings from the Netherlands