NItheal95 Australian HIP-HOP

  • 9 December 2016
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NItheal 95 As The Streets Motivate Success, Making Something Out Of Nothing Is the Only Option For This Young Australian MC...Telling The Tales Of The Hardship's..Inner Struggles,Broken Family's -Ambitions- DREAMS- LIFE, Change Is There for the Strong...Wisdom Crafted in Street Knowledge..NItheal 95 Delivers A "RAW" Style Inspired by The 90's AND 2000's U.S.A HIP-HOP SEEN....Production Is 100% DONE by NItheal...All Recordings Are Recorded For Free Thanks To Port Macquarie Library...Know I Personally Purchase My Beats Of Wrona THa BEAT-MAKER (POLAND)Check out Sound-cloud for Music or Email Me At FOR FREE MIX-TAPES Post In Mail is Free (My Last Words Are 2020 P.S KEEP YOUR EAR TO THE CURB MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT 4 RAP-HIP-HOP)---- R.I.P TO ALL THE TALENT THAT HAS LEFT USE........

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