Playlist Updates!!! Discover underground playlists created for indie artists not big record labels!

  • 20 May 2019
  • 2 replies

SC recently updated their community playlists last month to look & feel a lot like spotify by adding their own in house playlist curators. But.... users have now found a way through the back door to still keep helping each other even though SC removed the community playlists section. The community playlist section was a way for us to help each other & indie artists gain more exposure by building an organic fanbase based around playlists the community created not SC curators who are only helping major record labels.

Whats funny is that's what originally built SC was the community, the users. We really hope SC doesn't forget its roots and its community of artists who help each other and their fan base. Leave a comment to find out how to join this underground network on SC!!

2 replies

how do we join this network?
We can send you a screenshot of how to find it! email us and we'll send it to you