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  • 25 August 2017
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Hi i have a promblem about related tracks on my uploded tracks here on soundcloud, they only show tracks that i liked but not random tracks related to my liked a track, a user followed another user, a track is reposted etc, like i want it to be, can somone fix this or tell my how i can resolve this ?

with advance thanks

3 replies

Start a station, it will give you similar music. Or, if you go to your homepage (click on the soundcloud logo) some reccomended music will be their.
Yeah i did that on my sc phone app and this method didn't work, related tracks on my tracks are still showing my liked tracks

i was wondering if this could maby have to do something with collection it is like this when i click it should it maby be like this ?
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Hi there,

Here's more info on how related tracks work:

The more active you are on SoundCloud, like tracks, repost, comment, etc., the more you help the algorithm get better.