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  • 10 December 2018
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When i try to use the search bar it will not show anything im typing. Like when you tap the search icon to start the text curser, but the search bar never shows what im texting at all. But does start to give suggestions after a few letters are typed, but can't see what im spelling at all. Im using my phone and have never had this issue. Super annoying I had to sign up to ask a question. I mean, I have more issues with soundcloud than ANY OTHER site PERIOD. When I try using the app the player is reversed and makes listening to songs difficult. I would really like to know that im not the only one that is experiencing this. The search bar specifically. Any feed back would be appreciated. Thank you.

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can't say I had this behaviour with soundcloud, either on phone or desktop. I remember I had some problems that sound similar with twitter once, on the phone. I reinstalled the app and all was cool. Hopefully SCsupport can sort this out. May be you can mention which version of the app you have...