Share your music channel!

Hi, I run Solid Muse, a multi-genre, daily updated music channel. Feel free to check it out and share your own or your favourite music channels! We're always looking for new music and are happy to hear from artists and fans alike and would be interested to partner with other channels too. Cheers!
- Matt, Solid Muse.

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Thanks for the reply Savage Sun, love those falsetto vocals in A Darker Flame. You've got some cool tracks.
Hope you like my music:
Hey Cam, great vocals! You've got good flow. I like Little Faith.
Hey Matt, is there a way of being of help to you & Solid Muse? P.S. Thanks for the nice words on 'A Darker Flame'
No worries 🙂 At this stage, we're trying to get ourselves out there, so if you'd like to share us, that'd be great!

Check out my music. My names General J. You might not find me cause im brand new and unknown. Look up General J - Dear Nephew,
General J - Mumble Rap (Prod. Wolves),
General J - Names J.
My voice quality sucks because of my lack of equipment in the past but im cleaning my tracks up so ill be dropping a lot more music soon. I would love to work on collabs and id love to be featured on your channel.
Hi General J. I just had a listen to Dear Nephew. Wow those are some heavy and powerful lyrics. Very good song, keep it up! I hope you manage to improve the production quality. I like the musical style and spoken-word like vocals.
i am a new upcoming artist , still practicing music has been my passion and im finally letting it out. i just released 2 singles in spanish/english. Please feel free to comment and listen 🙂
Hi Diana, thanks for sending us your music! I've just sent you a P.M.
Hi Matt, I have a new album, 16 tracks. please check out these songs, thanks!