SoundCloud Go available in South Africa

  • 20 December 2016
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To SoundCloud and other users.

I am am an avid SoundCloud user from Johannesburg South Africa. For the past year I have been using the app almost everyday, and every day I come across songs that would only be available on the SoundCloud Go platform. Songs that I would like to listen to. I have checked your website and it indicated that the feature would be rolled out to different countries within 2016, however it is coming to end of the year and still it has not been made available to non western countries or so called developing countries. I find this extremely problematic. The fact that I have Internet access, am using the app and are one of many people that would and have the capacity to pay for the Go platform, I find this totally inclusionary. If the actual app is made available to us, why not in a whole year has this feature not been made available to us. For non Apple or Itunes users SoundCloud is our way consuming music from around the world it is a brilliant way to reach and discover new new music. Major artists are making their music available on the platform but I cannot access it. We already don't have access to Spotify or Tidal. It's very difficult not to feel like SoundCloud is not paying attention to "rest" of the world that are consumers of commercial and underground music because we do not come from countries that seemly consume music the "other half" does. WE DO! I hope this becomes a priority in 2017, I love this app. The third world is a big part of out global music community and we need to have access to what is out there. Even an artist from my own Country BlackCoffee released a new EP on soundcloud and I cannot access it! That was the height of my frustration. I hope have put us in your radar finally and 2017 has better things to come.

Kaylyn Pennells
SC username: KayK_21

4 replies

+1. Couldn't agree more
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Thanks for your interest in SoundCloud Go. Making this available in more countries across the globe is one of our top priorities, however it is also something that requires a lot of time and planning. We continue to launch the product in more regions in the future and will make sure to let our users know once a product is available in a new location.

All the best
@Mathis, I too am curious when this feature is coming to South Africa and Africa in general, it’s been 1 year since you replied to this thread and yet nothing has happened, very disappointing
It's been two years and still nothing has happened.