Soundcloud weekly algorithm changes?

  • 14 August 2019
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I'd say about 3-4 weeks ago Soundcloud Weekly became terrible. I previously thought this feature was an incredible part of Soundcloud (much better than Spotify's algorithm for weekly playlists).

But there was clearly an algorithm change about 3-4 weeks ago that made this playlist much worse.

Some very clear things I observed:

- MUCH more songs appearing on the list that I already favorited. Annoying because I don't use this playlist feature to listen to old songs, I use it to discover NEW MUSIC

- I'm liking SIGNIFICANTLY LESS songs per playlist now

- I'm listening to each song for a significantly shorter time (e.g. skipping songs)

Those last two metrics should be very clear, if you're tracking them, that the algorithm changes to this playlist are failing.

I would think average time spent listening to the playlist should go up, not down.

And average number of new liked songs from a playlist should go up, not down.

SUMMARY: I vote to revert back to old Soundcloud Weekly algorithm.

And I find this change so necessary that I spent at least 30 minutes of my day figuring out how to reach out to sound clound and created this account and wrote this post.

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