Spotify has backed out of talks to acquire SoundCloud = why customer service is lacking

  • 11 December 2016
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Estimates suggest SoundCloud’s annual revenue jumped 43 percent year-on-year to reach almost $28 million, thanks in a large part to the $9.99 subscription it introduced this year, but it has never been profitable. The Berlin-based startup’s most recent filings show it lost $44 million in 2014, that was enough for auditor KPMG to warn in early 2016 of the need to raise additional financing to continue its business. It remains to be seen how that monetization push has changed its financial health.

3 replies

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Ok that is a shame but to help you guys grow the emphasis should be on your users & keeping them happy too, the loss of groups without asking your users is not helpful to others to share their music. Why not re-introduce that? Also, there used to be direct support, now the only way is through a forum, why the loss of direct support. I am a pro user & the service has reduced considerably, I expected much better considering I have been with you guys since 2012. I think the user friendliness is what made & makes SoundCloud work. The site also is to help others share their music. From a long term loyal user point of view, these things should be considered strongly to keep your pro users. I would appreciate your consideration of these things.
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Spotify sucks overall due to its choppy interface and lack of music diversity, plain and simple. If Spotify takes over soundcloud they will make it limited and ruin the overall music variety