Tags views are useless

  • 3 January 2018
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When you click on a tag associated with a track, the page you are taken to (basically search results for that tag) is completely useless because it appears to be sorted *only* by likes, since the beginning of time, this is not helpful to users since because of this the view for a given tag will pretty much never, ever change. For example here's what I see when I click the `#future bass` tag on a brand new track that came up on my feed, I would expect to see the latest `#future bass` tracks but instead I get a bunch that are 2 years old: https://soundcloud.com/tags/future%20bass

The expected behaviour of this would be that either filter/sorting options should be provided on tag views, or at the very least they should sort by date added in descending order so that you see the latest tracks for the tag, which in pretty much all cases is what the user would expect to see.

1 reply

I've noticed that a lot of music is also incorrectly tagged. I am finding 'trap' music with almost every kind of tag, kind of annoying,... perusing the 'disco' tag i heard zydeco, hip hop, trap, etc. perhaps artists are tag flooding?
that was my initial sense of uselessness of tagging here, and , yeah, the temporal succession is also screwy, as you point out, kinda reminds me of youtube's stupid feed algorithm, always recommending old videos (that i've watched before too)...