Track finder update by style or genre, Always the same?

  • 20 February 2020
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I am in love with Soundcloud, it is great the magical and admirable sound platform that you have created, I am a producer and performance of ambient music. But I am disappointed with the tracker for "genre or artist", every time I try to find tracks of a particular genre the positions of the tracks have always been the same for years, the system never updates or moves the tracks, they ARE ALWAYS THE SAME, is a real shame that the most important sound platform in the world does not update the styles, genres and artists in the search engine, IT IS INCREDIBLE AND PATHETIC THAT ALWAYS GET THE SAME TRACKS FOR YEARS, having millions of tracks of the same genre without to enjoy I DO NOT THINK TO SPEND THE FINGER INDEX ON THE MOUSE WHEEL AND THE VIEW ON THE SCREEN TO BE ABLE TO HEAR OTHER NEW AND DIFFERENT TRACKS. Exactly the same happens in the profiles. I DO NOT GET IT.. :(

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