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Hi I am a student called 'Yoo Jin Seo' from korea and I am attending Hongik University!
Actually, me, and my friends are participating the campaign about making dreams for korean students. For that we have made the conclusion that Germany have the great education system to the students for making dream. Also we have found that the Germany has got lots of start-ups and venture company which means that people are assured to accomplish their dreams. As you know, 'Soundcloud' is representing the Germany's great start-ups system which is popular all around the world and 'Soundcloud' will be really great stimulation for korean students. So if it doesn't matter, we would like to ask you that if we can visit the company and get some interviews for korean students. It will be great honor for both me and Korean students. I wish you to understand our favor for korea! I will wait for the answer.

my e-mail is and you can also contact(DM) me via instagram: maisondeyoojinn.

Wish you to have good day.

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