When you search my name, someone else's track pops up ( I had nothing to do with the song )

  • 24 September 2017
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So I recently searched up my name on SoundCloud to see what tracks pop up first and I was shocked to see a track, that ISNT MINE that i had NOTHING to do with, as the SECOND track that pops up! Apparently they have put my name in the link to the track... for whatever reason... I have contacted the owner and I asked if they could take my name out of the link but they forgot the password to the account. Is it possible to get my name out of the track without deleting it or making not pop up as the second damn track that pops up in my name?

If your wondering why I am making this such a big deal is because the track is not good at all tbh and I don't want people that I tell to search my name on soundcloud to think I had something to do with this thing.

Here is what pops up when you search my name:
And this is the track that comes up:


2 replies

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Hi there,

When I'm running a search query for your name, the first result is your profile, so it looks like everything is working as expected. Please see here to learn how our search works and why there might be content by other users showing as well.
sorry, i might have put this in the wrong sub section 😕