Why can you not view reposters?

  • 5 December 2016
  • 3 replies

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Why can we not view the reposters of tracks? This would be extremely helpful in regards to finding accounts to follow. The reposters should be sorted from top to bottom by follower count. This would allow you to view the reposts of some of your favorite tracks and follow the top reposters. There should also be some sort of "smart" feature where you can view which accounts have reposted the overall most amount of tracks you've liked and/or have added to certain playlists. Please make this happen.

3 replies

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Hi Eddie,

When you click on the number of reposts under your track, you'll get to the page where all the reposts are listed. (if you're seeing less accounts than the number indicated, that's often due to caching). Please note this currently only works on a computer web browser, not on mobile.