Why doesn't Soundcloud recommend me new songs and mixes?

  • 23 March 2018
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I'm a big fan (or at least used to be a big fan) of Soundcloud but I have problems with the Home page.

It always recommends me the same mixes.. in every couple of weeks there is a new one appearing (ONLY Anjunadeep and Gregor Salto mixes..I like them but I'd like to listen and discover other artists too. Yeah, I have a couple of Anjunadeep and Gregor Salto mixes I liked but the other 90% of the tracks I liked are NOT Anjunadeep and Gregor Salto..I listen to varied stuff.)

Also, when I check the ,,More of what you like" (under Discover) it only shows the mixes I already liked and if I click on them it just starts playing them, doesn't recommend anything new. In the ,,Artists you should know" section it only shows artists which I already know (because I liked their song/mix previously).

I also miss in ,,The Upload" section the length of the songs..I prefer listening to mixes instead of songs while I'm working on the computer and I don't want to hunt for them and check through loads of uploads to finally find a mix.

What is going on?

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