You are "following" too many people too quickly... we will take your rights away if you try to make more friends and enjoy music more..

First off, this is a social site that I remember starting off as a way for the non corporate artists who couldn't be heard by record labels to find like minded individuals that they could befriend and share a common ground, soul jams ( music ).

We now have the option on our profile page and damn near every other user page to select 3 different artists that may either be completely at random or have something similar in common with the current artists page we are viewing.

Above this tiny little list of 3 artists is an arrow circle that refreshes the list of artists after you click follow on them.

Why exactly would I be penalized for becoming more aware of artists or trying to help out fellow musicians with followers?

Are the metrics programmed poorly or extremely low for the spam banner you guys sent me?

Sorry if that seemed like a lot of unnecessary filler. Just got stoned and words are tickling my brain.

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