A few minor enhancements

  • 18 February 2018
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I have a few minor recommendations for the team and the developers. I don't know how much effort these enhancements actually need, but they sure do our lives a little bit easier and more convinient.

1) I personally have about 10 different accounts for various projects (hiphop, experimental, piano etc) and purposes (for podcasts, for music etc). It's quite annoing for me to always log out and log in again. Wouldn't it be more easier to just switch users like in Youtube or Windows?

2) I listen a lot of podcasts and I don't want to miss any good stuff that appear in my stream. So it would be perfect if I could just listen them backwards: from oldest to latest, but right now I can listen only from latest to oldest. That means that if I go running or do some physical work for hours I have to either: a) manually select a newer track when the older ends, but this is quite annoing, because I have to take a break for that; or b) start listening from the latest one until I reach my "bookmark". This is also annoing, because if a podcast is about daily events I can't listen the tracks chronologically. Also I have to remember where my "bookmark" was and that's not a solution. This tiny enhancement would totally make my Soundcloud experience better.


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