activate and deactivate tracks when acocunt plan was changed

  • 21 February 2018
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I chenged my plan from unlimited to pro. now a lot of tracks are hidden but I can stills ee them of course. How can choose which ones should be deactivated to activate other?
thanks you

2 replies

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Hi there Sebastian, it is not possible to choose manually which tracks you want to be shown and which ones to hide. You can either delete some of your tracks (either hidden or shown) to make space, or upgrade again so all of your tracks are reinstated with all of their play counts, comments, etc.

Dear Mathis,

thank you for the reply. This is actually some real stupid thing! How is that possible that soundcloud does not give that option?
This is some real lame service to be honest. I have soundcloud since many years and I paid for it since the beginning. Are they not able to set this up in some kind of way? can´t be that hard for such a big company! This is very disppointing! One starts thhinking to not use at all anymore their services.
Thank you anyways for your answer, much apreciated.