Adding Songs to Playlist

  • 13 November 2018
  • 2 replies

So, I'm new to Soundcloud and I want to add songs to a playlist, but I already have a playlist made and there's no tab to add songs to a playlist. I Googled it and there is supposed to be a tab appearing for adding songs to the playlist, but this tab is not appearing, even with my playlist existing on public access.

2 replies

Yo Gameknight, and I'm sure many other people with this same problem. I just did some research, and apparently this problem has been present in soundcloud for at least 3 years! There are countless posts about it, including the one I just did here:

Long story short, they seem to not care about the huge amount of people running into this most basic problem, despite the fact that they're certainly losing traffic over their buggy software.

My recommendation is to add a second or even third playlist. For some reason the software sometimes works correctly only after you have numerous playlists. If that doesn't work, I hear refreshing, or signing out and back in helps.
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