All seven of our music tracks are gone..

  • 13 April 2017
  • 8 replies

All our music tracks are gone and the web page seems different. This is our own music and some have been on our page for two years. This is not a copy write issue, these are our own tunes. What happened?

8 replies

Have the same problem
Just checked our web page and it's all better now and back up to normal, whew. BrainWaves, Bumani, I hope you guys are back up and running also. Slight, thanks for your post also.

Better Days m'friends.
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If this is your profile:
I can see seven tracks.

Can you post a screen grab of the empty profile you are seeing.
I see what you're saying Partly Blanded, but also the photos associated with your tracks are missing. Mine are missing as well, for all my tracks. And I spent the last 3 hours trying to figure out how to upload a new track, had to use the old school method.
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I just said on this post here, which is about the same problems:

I'm finding images on other profiles aren't always loading properly today. Usually if I refresh the browser window they then come up.
Refreshing the browser hasn't helped me.
ps.. I also tried the refreshing thingy but it didn't fix it.
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Hi there,

Sorry to hear this has been an issue for the three of you. @Partly Banded, thanks for following up on this issue - all set for you now?