being faulty accused of something i didn't do

  • 24 March 2017
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i'am being ask to remove my songs by soundcloud or going they stay block i make my music from music maker jam everyday they give you free album cover and paid album cover if you are a member. i ain't been using know one music these are all mines own orginial creations i have a free account with music maker i make all my music from my phone and upload from my phone

3 replies

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Is this your profile?:

It looks as if you keep uploading the same tracks twice. Is that why you are being asked to remove some? Also, there's a couple from 20 days ago which are saying "This Track Is Being Processed" which again might be something you'd get asked to remove.

Normally if something is breaching copyright it gets blocked by SoundCloud, they don't ask you to remove it.
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Hi there,

Hmm, none of your tracks were blocked due to copyrights actually. However, I noticed that you have currently exceeded your total quota. This is why some of your tracks are now hidden and you cannot upload more.

In order for all of them to appear on your account, you can either upgrade to a Pro plan or delete some sounds to make space on your account for new uploads.

You can check out what tracks are hidden on your account here: To see the hidden tracks just scroll back to the oldest tracks in the list and you can see they are greyed out, these are the hidden tracks and you can delete them in this view.

To check how many minutes you have used and have left, head to the upload page ( and look underneath the upload tool. You'll see a counter that shows the current minutes available within the account.

Hope I was able to clear things up for you!

I get the message about unusual activity and a link to reset my password. Not inclined to click on that link. was that a legitimate message?