Blog-Featured Song Won't Stop SKIPPING ON MOBILE APP!!! (Why does track skip on all mobile devices?)

  • 19 April 2017
  • 2 replies

Very frustrating, my most popular track "Making Me Do" skips consistently on EVERY mobile device I try to play it from. After having it featured on various blogs, including it bothers me greatly to imagine how many global listeners have attempted to stream my music from their mobile devices, but cannot do so because of this glitch on the app. The skip happens only a few seconds in, and continues until the songs end- making it impossible to understand or listen to. I have attempted all of the suggested fixes on my end and can't seem to get any help from someone at Soundcloud.

Please, if possible, make my track stream-able on the mobile app again!

2 replies

Here is the track link & title:
@BambinoHaze "Making Me Do" (prod. K Swisha)
Having the same issue on one of my tracks, I just filed a ticket with soundcloud. Hopefully the issue gets resolved soon. If you have any solutions, please post them. Thank you Jordan