Can't add a playlist of tracks i'm a part of to my profile page

  • 21 March 2017
  • 2 replies

I did all the guitars and vocals on a new collaboration album between myself and another artist, Decarabia, and I can't add the playlist to my spotlight. playlist i would like to add is:

2 replies

If you wish to highlight one of your particularly noteworthy tracks you'd like others to enjoy first, we highly recommend using the Spotlight feature which comes with all our Pro accounts.

Spotlight allows you to pin up to 5 items (either tracks or playlists) to the top of your profile page under the "All" tab (Please note: Spotlight not available in our Android app at this time). After your Spotlight selection, your most recent tracks and playlists are shown in reverse-chronological order.

Adding tracks and playlists to Spotlight
To add a track on your profile to your Spotlight selection, click on the "Edit Spotlight" button at the top of your public profile. You can then search for one of your tracks or playlists (within the latest 200 tracks and playlists on your profile) to highlight by typing in the title or selecting the track from the drop-down menu that will appear when you click into the Search box.

The drop-down menu will only show the latest 15 publicly available tracks or playlists uploaded to your account. Once you have your selected items added to your Spotlight, remember to click the "Save" button
Is someone going to answer?? Not a good way to treat PAYING members...