can't edit playlist names

  • 31 July 2017
  • 2 replies

i know you can do it on a computer but i don't have a computer and i only have the app. is there really no way to change it with the app because that's so dumb

2 replies

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Hi Kyle,

I'm afraid this currently can only be done on a computer web browser 😕
I really do not like the fact that you cant do alot of things on the soundcloud app that you can on a computer. The majority of people who use this app, really enjoy its convenience, as far as promoting their music or are a fan of someones music. As much as you shove the app in peoples faces when they try to login on a web browser that is ON their phone, you would think you'd have an option as simple as, "Rename Playlist" or it would actually SHOW that you Deleted a playlist once the page is refreshed, it shouldnt still be there. It also should show the "New Playlist" that you JUST created, before you try adding more tracks to it. Meaning, if you are adding multiple tracks to the playlist, it should appear on your compilation of playlists when you create a new one. It shouldnt take forever to show up. And this is the app im complaining about. Ok...hear me out. Apps were created as a more convenient way of browsing, games and activities, downloading, uploading, or streaming etc. Shouldnt these little things, that I see TONS of people complaining about, be addresses? Shouldnt you actually upgrade these things. Im a paying customer, and im sure most of the people complaining about this are as well. You'd think something wouldve been done about it. Along with quite a few other things that i havent mentioned. One of those things being, an option to upload. Do something about it, or I dont think im gonna do it anymore. Datpiff is poppin, and so is mixtape factory, just to name a few of my other options. Thanks for reading.