Can't find tracks on desktop version/different repertoire of tracks for the same artist

  • 29 June 2018
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I just listened on my Iphone to a bunch of tracks (Yonder Mountain String Band), as I was trying to like them and add them to a playlist, they weren't saved to my collection. So I was trying to find them on my desktop and save them that way to my collection but had to find out that the tracks weren't even show under the artist on the desktop version. While all other songs I listened to tonight did show in the desktop history also, the ones fromthat particular artist don't (but the y do appear in the mobile listening history).
I do had syncing issues before, but I never had it happen that I had different avaialbility of tracks between the mobile and the desktop version. I just spent two hours finding these songs with every possible search combination but they can't be found on the desktop version, while they simply show up under the artists posted tracks....does anybody ha any suggestions.
Thank you!

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