Can't like the songs in my playlists

  • 16 November 2018
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I made multiple playlists with songs I like but i didn't hit the like button on them when organizing them into playlists. Not only did I lose my like function after one warning in which the notification uses the plural statement "your account has been warned many times" insinuating I getting the warning more than once before disciplinary action, there is no way to shuffle playlists from what I have seen so I have to like every track in my playlists to get all my tracks in one single playlist without making another one with all my songs. So unless you can make a playlist for my playlists or like all my songs from all my playlists, I'd like to know the specific like to time to like ratio I have to not trigger sound clouds automated spam banner. I'm not trying to promote myself or get attention in any way and the ban is just one day, so I just want a convenient way to listen to my sounds. Thank you.

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